SMS Committee Membership Application

The Tribal Transportation Safety Management System Steering Commitee (SMS) is a forum for Tribal governments, federal agencies, and other resource entiteis to collaborate on transportaiton safety topics.  More detail about the committee can be found at 

Please use the form below to indicate your interest in serving a 2-year term as a committee member.   If you have any questions please contact one of the committee co-chairs: 

Member Entity  Phone  Email
Robert Frazier   BIA Division of Transportation     505-563-3319
Adam Larsen   FHWA Tribal Transportation Program     360-619-7751

Contact Information
How will the SMS Steering Committee benefit from your membership?

Please describe your experience in delivering safety programs or projects.

Do you communicate on a regular basis with a network of practitioners who implement safety programs? If so, are you willing to act as a liason between any of these groups?

Does your employer support your participation in this committee? Would your employer pay for travel to participate in an annual committee meeting in conjunction with the National Tribal Transportation Conference or Lifesavers Conference?